Part Exchange

If you are looking to buy a car from Imaan Motors, then you should consider using our part exchange service. This involves trading in your old car for a new one, this will save you the time and expense of maintaining both cars until your able to find a buyer for the old one. This will allow you to use the value of your old car towards the new car.

At Imaan Motors we will provide you with a free car valuation based on over 5 years of experience in the car industry. We don’t guarantee a minimum part exchange value, we generate our valuations based on a number of factors. We use the latest pricing data and the current market conditions to give you a realistic valuation of your vehicle. You can even request this service if you are not looking to buy a new car today and would like to just sell your car.

If you are happy with the price we offer, we will then purchase your car today. The valuation will be based on a number of factors as follows. The Vehicle Age, specification, condition and mileage help with determining the value. It also helps if the vehicle has a full-service history as this is something we look for when valuing each vehicle. The vehicle will also need to have a valid V5 ( Vehicle registration document) as by law we are unable to purchase your vehicle without it. If you do not have this in your possession, you may be able to obtain this by contacting the DVLA, this is our suggestion before requesting to Part exchange your vehicle.

If you accept our free valuation and decide to proceed with a part exchange, it’s simply a case of completing the relevant paperwork and swapping the keys. All this is possible within hours of receiving a valuation for your car.